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A dog treat can be a great aid for training and used for everyday rewards.

When your dog does something "good" it is a good idea to reward him with a treat so that he will associate the behavior with the treat and continue to behave that way. This can be useful when house breaking a puppy, when training a dog to do tricks or for everyday reinforcement of learned tricks.

A dog treat can also be good for your pooch and you can purchase treats made with organic and healthy ingredients. You can even make the treats yourself - there's plenty of recipes available on the internet so you can give Fido a nice homemade snack and have the piece of mind of knowing that you have used wholesome ingredients.

You can even find recipes that treat certain conditions like bad breath and wheat free for dogs with allergies.

For storage, you should buy an airtight canister to insure treats - especially those that are home made - do not get stale. Keep treats handy so you can reward you dog when he does something good!

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