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Our Pets

Aside from the fish who do not like to have their photos taken, our pets at this time are:

Marmelade - 7 year old Pomeranian and queen of the house. She weighs in at 3 pounds and sports a short hair cut and is often times mistaken for a cat! She has the sweetest disposition and is extremely intelligent.

1995-2005 - The sweetest dog that ever lived - we will miss her more than words can describe.

Seven - Approx 6 year old Maine Coon mix (I think). Seven was a stray that showed up on my porch needing emergency medical attention. Seven Hundred Dollars later (thus the name, Seven) she left the vets after intense surgery and several days of being force fed. The vet said it was a miracle she even survived the surgery and she had to be force fed for weeks before she would eat on her own. Six years later she is happy and healthy. She must have known what a sucker I am for a furry face!

Logan - A Domestic American Shorthair, he has the sweetest face and tiniest nose I've ever seen on a cat. His disposition is just as sweet as his face. He's going on 12 years of age and is showing signs of aging but still holding his own.

1991-2003 - A gentle cat, and the sweetest disposition ever.

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