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Man has kept pet birds for over 4,000 years.
In ancient Egypt, exotic birds could be seen at the pharaoh's royal zoo and were painted in hieroglyphics. Birds accompanied the Romans on military tours, and European royalty kept them in ornate cages. Even Queen Isabella of Spain was presented with a pair of Cuban Amazon Parrots by Christopher Columbus returning from the New World. Enjoyed for their beauty and song, birds had their practical purposes too and have accompanied miners underground to detect poisonous gas in the mine shafts.

Over the years, many species have been bred to enhance color, characteristics and disposition and pet birds are now extremely popular with around 13 million in U.S. homes. Pet birds are intelligent delightful friends that enjoy being with their family. For your birds health and happiness make sure his housing, feeding, exercise, play and companionship needs are addressed.

At ePet-Center we want your bird to be healthy and happy. That's why we have scoured the web for the best online products and combined it with sound advice and research on what to buy and what to avoid for your feathered friends health and safety. Click below to see how to get the best for your feathered friend.

Bird Cages - Your bird will be singing your praises when you house him in the perfect bird cage. Do you know what to look for to insure he has a safe happy home?

Bird Food - Did you know most premature pet bird death are caused by malnutrition? Are you feeding your bird the proper mix?

Bird Toys - Don't let your bird die of boredom! Birds need the mental stimulation that toys provide, but the wrong toys can be dangerous. Which toys are best for your bird?

Bird Gifts - Buy your bird a gift and show him you care!

Bird Lover Gifts - Got a Bird Lover on Your Gift List? Find out how to buy great bird themed gifts.

Bird Articles - Find out more about pet bird care

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