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How Do You Pick The Perfect Pet Foods?

Feeding the right pet foods to your pet is vital to his health.
You'll want to make sure you feed him a balanced diet and a food that is appropriate for his age. Babies have different nutritional needs than adults and even senior pets may require different foods so be aware of your pets age when shopping for food for your pet. For any food, check the label to make sure it says "complete and balanced diet", pet foods are only allowed to use this label if approved. Also look for the AAFCO stamp, this is the stamp of approval from the Association of American Feed Control Officials who develops standards for pet foods.

Most people use commercially prepared foods, but which one is best? Typically, you get what you pay for. Brand names have less fillers than generic brands – read the list of ingredients on the label and you will see the difference. The pet foods that you choose should have the meat (beef or chicken) listed first as the most predominant ingredient.

If you are really health conscious, you might feed your pet Natural foods or even prepare "people" foods for him yourself. Purchased natural foods can be expensive but are free from preservatives and artificial flavors. If you prepare them yourself check with your veterinarian to be sure you are providing your pet with the balanced nutrition he needs. You can even find books on what foods to prepare if you think you want to go that way. You can even add to your pets health by feeding them some raw foods - I've been feeding my Pom pulp from the juicer along with her pet food for years and she loves it!

Cat Food – Even a finicky eater needs the right nutrition. Cats have special needs find out what kinds of foods suit your feline best.

Dog Food – Your dogs nutritional needs vary depending on age, activity level and size. Find out what to feed your best friend.

Bird Food – Seeds, pellets and raw foods all combine to give your pet bird the most healthful diet. Find out what foods to use.

Fish Food – Believe it or not, with fish food it is not one food feeds all. Find out which foods you should be feeding your fish.

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