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Good Pet Health Starts with Good Pet Care

Pet Health Insurance

What if you were faced with unexpected medical care for your pet?

Would you have the money to provide that care and maybe save your pets life?

Major medical care for pets can cost in the thousands, if you can't get that kind of money in a hurry you may want to spring for pet health insurance to avoid having to weigh your pets life against your finances.

Pet insurance policies differ but can cover a wide variety of health costs such as vet fees, theft accident and illness. Costs are around $9.00-$29.00 per month depending on the level of service and type of pet.

Is it worth it?

Click here to see our Pet Health Insurance Comparison Table and decide for yourself.

Online Pet Medicine

Is it safe to buy online pet meds?

While we can't replace the advice of your veterinarian we can tell you a bit about what is available and the costs. You may find the same meds your vet has prescribed at a substantial savings!

Click Here to see more on Online Pet Medicine.

Pet Safety

Is your house pet proof?

Follow these simple guidelines for added pet safety at the holidays and all year round.

Click Here for pet safety tips.

Pet Health Links

Pet ID Club - For pet health care insurance, public liability insurance and on-line pet shop, visit the Pet ID Club - The Club for pet owners.

Pamper Your Pet at The Pampered Pet Mart

An array of quality supplies and products for dogs and cats and owners who like to pamper their pets with the very best. Dog & Cat Beds, Grooming Aids, Collars and Leashes, Feeders and Bowls, Crates and Carriers, Drinkwells, Treats, Toys, Health, Travel

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